Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Originally uploaded by Snappy Shop
Here are my doggies, Jack and Sugar,  getting along exceptionally well!
It's only been three weeks since we got the little one, Sugs, and  Jack loves her now!
I am so happy about this because Jack is smart, and has a lot of sass.  He guilted the heck out of me when I first brought Sugar home. He was super pissed off and wouldn't even look at me. He just needed reassurance and he needed his ass kissed. I tell him every day how much I love him and how wonderful and soft his fur is. I tell him he's a good boy and that I love him so. It works!
  I type this, they are in the other room wrestling and playing. I can hear the jingley, jingle of their dog tags as they gently bite each other and play.


Auntie Dis said...

Oh they are adorable! Aren't dogs so smart?

Betty said...

yes Auntie, they are very smart!