Saturday, January 31, 2009

Squirrel Embroidery

CU Squirrel Embroidery
Originally uploaded by Snappy Shop
My poor neglected blog!! I never write anymore. Sorry Mr. Blog. It's because Im so busy with my new hobby, embroidery. I love it. This is a pillow cover I made this week. My stitches aren't great yet, but I am working on them. I only know a few. I have lots of books and tutorials that I've bookmarked.
I am working on two kitchen towels right now to give my friend Betsy for a birthday gift. I think she will like them, I hope so. Then I have a pretty apron planned that might be one of the prettiest things I've ever made if it comes out the way I'm imagining.
I think the thing I love most about embroidery is that it's so old school. It is very slow and time consuming, but for some reason going slow and focusing on something small is very relaxing.


Sewing Geek said...

I really love your squirrel. I love embroidery too, I often think I should do it more so I could sit on the couch instead of over the sewing machine all the time!

TheDecoDetective said...

If this is your first embroidery, it looks like you're doing more than fine! I love how you got out the fluffiness (is that a word?) of the squirrel!