Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sewing Class

I started teaching sewing to my friends and their kids. I don't charge for sewing lessons, yet. I have gotten so many new requests from adults for sewing lessons that it's taking up a lot of time. So eventually I might have to get paid for it.

My Saturday morning class is 5 little girls. The first week we each made a simple tote. The Second time we made aprons with a gathered skirt. This coming Saturday I plan on having them do a pillowcase for their bedrooms. I will be happy that this coming week is a simpler project than weeks past.

My older students are two ladies. One of them made pajama bottoms with an elastic waist. The other gal made a tote with a lining and a zippered pocket inside the lining. Both projects came out perfect.

The fun thing about teaching all of these people to sew is that they are funny and fun to talk to. I also love to see how excited they are to sew! They all leave my house with a huge smile on their faces! It's the best feeling to make somebody happy by showing them that they can make something.

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