Friday, October 3, 2008

Jack The Maniac

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This is my doggie, Jack. I love him a whole bunch. He is a real character. He has lots of opinions about lots of different things and growls, grumbles, harrumphs, barks, and generally lets you know how he feels about things. He thinks he is smarter than anybody else. Unless you have a treat in your hand. Then you become a genius in his eyes.
He was rescued from this organization, run by a very nice lady named Nancy.


She told us that she has placed over 8,000 dogs in loving homes. If you click on the words "Jack the Maniac"  it will take you right to her rescue web page, where you'll see lots of other cutie pie dogs available for adoption in the LA area.
When I saw Jack's picture on her web site 2 yrs ago, I knew he was a great doggie. He looked so sweet. I just never knew how hilarious he would be.

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